3D Printed Awards for SF Green Film Festival

We are happy to show you a preview of what we have been intensively 3D printing during this week.. What is this?!

green film festival

These are the Awards for the San Francisco Green Film Festival, the West Coast’s leading destination for compelling films on the urgent environmental issues of our time. Launched in 2011, the Festival presents an annual film festival each spring; the 2013 Edition was just inaugurated last night.

These Awards were 3D printed on our Series 1 in green PLA (Polylactic acid), the environmentally friendly bio-plastic derived from corn starch, both non toxic and recyclable. It’s even compostable!

The Awards feature a wood base with the winner’s name laser engraved on the bottom.  The wood is the most sustainable choice possible: locally sourced, locally harvested California walnut.

3d printer green film festival san francisco

The Awards were designed by Smith|Allen Studio, specialized in the design and fabrication of 3D printed structures and installations. You might remember them for their Xylem 3D printed installation, which we blogged about here.

We will be live 3D printing an Award all day tomorrow during the Festival. If you are in San Francisco, come by New People Cinema and you will be able to see the Awards 3D printed between one movie and the other!

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